Songs to Get You in the Summer Mood

Her Campus

Originally published on April 17th, 2018, on Her Campus UCF.

The sun is shining, your windows are down, and some of the best songs ever made are blasting out of your speakers. Summer is the perfect time to create playlists that radiate pop and positivity! Whether you are gearing up for a long road trip with your friends, or a chill day by the pool, everyone needs an epic soundtrack to back up the life-changing memories made during one of the most adventurous seasons of the year. Here are 13 tunes that you’ll want to max out the volume for all summer long.

1. “Sit Next to Me” by Foster the People

If you loved jamming out to “Pumped Up Kicks” in 2010, you’ll be obsessed with Foster the People’s newest single “Sit Next to Me” that radiates good vibes.

2. “American Dreamer” by Kyd the Band

You’re probably unfamiliar with Kyd the Band, but there’s no way you’re unfamiliar with the American dream. Add this to your 4th of July playlist to keep your party fresh.

3. “Heart Starts Beating” by Coasts

If you’re looking for the perfect song to put your positive emotions into words, look no further with “Heart Starts Beating”, plus who could go wrong with a band named Coasts

4. “Jungle” by Tash Sultana

If you’re more of a fan of progressive rock, Tash will blow you away with her guitar riffs and vocal skills.

5. “Rollin” by Calvin Harris ft Khalid

“Location” singer, Khalid, takes the vocals by storm on the perfect song to accompany your long drives ahead. The uplifting beat and techno beat from Calvin Harris will put a huge smile on your face.

6. “Kamikaze” by Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon is known for their nonstop bops, and Kamikaze is no exceptions. Turn this one all the way up for positive stares from drivers around you.

7. “Weather is Warm” by Manwolves

It’s summers, so chances are that the weather is warm. The chill beats mixed with melodically rapped versus makes this song a crowd pleaser for listeners of all genres.

8. “Always Been U” by Phangs

Techno indie-pop artist Phangs is new to the music scene, but if you’re a dedicated fan you might know front-runner Jake Germany is also a member of Reliant K. “Always Been U” will have you dancing all night long!

9. “Feels Like Summer” by Panama Wedding

Of course, it feels like summer when this song is on repeat. Panama Wedding’s upbeat vibes and feel-good soul will create the perfect soundtrack for your day at the beach.

10. “Made In Hollywood” by LANY

If you can’t make it to California this summer to live out your west coast dreams, LANY will bring you there in just under 4 minutes.

11. “California” by Wilder

Another mental road trip will take place while jamming out to this bop. The intro guitar riffs will have you dreaming of days in the sun.

12. “Beach Boys” by Weezer

A modern classic by the band that brought us past summer hits, such as “Island in the Sun” and “Beverly Hills”

13. “Permanent Vacation” by The Academic

Of course, we all wish we could live in a permanent vacation, and fortunately living in Florida is the perfect excuse to scream this song at the top of your lungs.

Whether you’re road-tripping it to the beach, or stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on your daily commute to work, this playlist will have you rolling your window down and dancing in your car so obnoxiously that others around you will stare. Nothing but infectious good vibes as we enter the carefree days of summer.


Gloomy Day, Bright Art


How can you tell that it’s time for the Three Rivers Arts Festival? Wait for the rainiest week in June!

Yesterday Josh and I ventured out into the pouring rain to take in one of my favorite events in Pittsburgh, the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Here’s the lowdown: 10 days of free art and music with over a hundred booths set up by local artists. Oh yeah, and the most important part is all the amazing food you can get! I try to go at least once every year (and even wrote about last year’s adventure here) so I’m super excited to share what I encountered this year!

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Like I said, it was super gloomy and rainy, which didn’t make for the ideal weather. But luckily we are used to Florida, and have learned not to melt in the rain. Plus, this cute art exhibit doubled as protection from the treacherous downpour that was happening around us.

As we made it to the food, the sun came out and provided a perfect afternoon for us. I dropped way too much money on tater tots, but what else is new? I’m pretty sure my meal weighed at least five pounds, so that’s worth it in my book!

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We ventured down to the Point to take some quick pictures before heading back to take in the amazing talent. (Speaking of talent, look how cool these photos turned out! Josh’s photography game is strong.)

It’s not an arts festival if you don’t drop a lot of money, so I made sure to pick something up as a keepsake!

I hope to make it back down once more before it ends this weekend so I can snab some coveted deep fried Oreos and overpriced festival lemonade!

Until next time!


Son of a Mumford


If you’ve been following along with my life thus far, you might have noticed that I really like going to concerts. I like them enough that I even end up writing about them. Since last summer, I’ve more than doubled my concert count, and each one is better than the next; especially spontaneous ones.

I’ve had my fair share of both preplanned-months-in-advance concerts, where every little detail is planned out and perfected, leading up to the moment the opener steps foot on stage. Yet lately, thanks to my hectic college lifestyle, I’ve gotten used to the luxary of “going with the flow” and taking things as they come. Most recently, that included taking some Mumford & Sons tickets from a friend a mere hours before the concert.

A band I’ve never seen before, at a venue I’ve never been to before, with a girl I’ve deemed my “concert buddy” sounded like an amazing adventure. And with a small price to pay of $25 and dancing our butts off in the rain, I was set.

Steering wheel in hand, I ventured an hour away and shoved that driving anxiety out the window as we jammed our way to the venue. After dealing with the largest parking lot in the world, and one lane of traffic inching its way through, we were ready.

Somehow we made it to the front of the lawn, even though we arrived halfway through the opener. I believe it’s because we are destined to always be barricade, so the concert gods looked down on us and blessed us with good spots. The music began and we let loose.

Overall it was a very chill night, as far as concerts go. I left the glitter at home, wallet in the car, and even watched the show instead of recording the entire thing on my phone, and it was a ton of fun. Mumford & Sons is an amazing group and really brought great vibes with them to the sold out arena…er, field.


Sometimes it’s just as much worth it to keep concert nights on the down low, as it is to hype them up all summer. I’m personally a fan of both actions, and will continue to wait in general admission lines for hours upon end.

It was a great way to start the summer, and I’m excited to see what other adventures await me ahead!

Wild Wild World


March 4, 2013, a small British pop band took the indie charts by ~storm~ (it’s a pun, pretend I’m funny) with their lyrically empowering release of Bad Blood. Bastille’s debut album changed the way I, and thousands of basic white girls all around the world, listened to music. Over three years ago, I fell in love with music, and yesterday I was able to do it all over again.

September 9, 2016, a large British pop band reemerged from the depths of hell where they have been hibernating for the past couple years. Once again, they are taking world by storm with their lyrically empowering release of Wild World.

Image result for bastille wild world

Let me just start out by saying that Bastille is a really freaking awesome band. They have really freaking awesome songs, and they do really freaking awesome things for their fans. One of these really freaking awesome things that they have done recently was holding a nationwide album release party at select indie record stores across the country. Thirteen to be exact. And now that I live  in the wonderful city of opportunities that is Orlando, I was able to adventure out to listen to my favorite band’s album a day earlier than everyone else.

Yes yes, I totally think I’m cooler than you because I got to hear an album twelve hours before you. I savored every moment because by this morning, the album was already second on the charts (yasss bbs are killing it!! i’m such a proud fangirl).

Image result for bastille wild world

Other than the fact that I got to hear the album I waited three years for early, it was really freaking awesome to explore a new record store with a bunch of other Stormers and hang out for an evening. Park Ave CDs, you’re pretty rockin’! Good music, good vibes, good company.

Since then, I have listened to the album on repeat at least 2,492 times. That is not an approximation. That is 100% a real number. And every time it gets better and better. I hated the wait, but in the most cliche sounding way possible, it was worth every minute (hour, month, year).

I’m no musical genius so I’m less than qualified to talk about their sound, and lyrics, and blah blah blah. But even me, a tone deaf white girl that listens to indie trash, can realize that everything from their vocals, to instrumentation, to theming has gone leaps and bounds above how they used to be.

Image result for bastille wild world

Wild World is centered around the fictional Wild World Communications news company that the band created in order to translate information about their upcoming album, shows, and music videos. This theme is then transplanted through the album with each song featuring sound clips of samples from retro movies, TV shows, and radio programs. The clips tell the stories of each songs as the album progresses from start to finish. I love the spin that Bastille put on their album to make it more original than all the other garbage I listen too.

Also, Dan Smith is a lyrical GOD. I don’t know how he does it, but every single word that comes out of that man’s mouth is right. He makes no mistakes and is really freaking good at making sense. AKA the exact opposite of what I’m doing right now. I’m listening to the album as I type this and I have entered into a state of delusion, so deepest apologies for making less sense than I normally do. This album is just SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

Image result for bastille wild world

They also decided to learn how to play guitar which is super cool. There’s a ton of guitar in this album so it has a super different sound than Bad Blood. Also, every single song on this album is upbeat, so be prepared to dance.

I want to say more about it, but I also want to cry about it, so I’m going to go with the latter of the two. Expect more tears from me if/when they announce a North American tour. Now go listen to the album. Please. I beg of you.