Hello, Junior Year

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So my junior year of college starts tomorrow, and thinking about it makes me want to hurl. Like I know everyone says college flies by, but seriously how did this happen so fast? I haven’t experienced a fall semester since freshman year since I spent last year running around Disney, so I feel like my time has gone by even faster than I thought. It’s crazy to be sitting here getting organized for the first day of classes, knowing that at this time next year, it will be my last time. I love growing up, but now I’m just wishing time would stop.

Looking forward to this year, I have a lot of amazing opportunities coming my way. I am finally *finally* back to only taking 15 credit hours per semester, which will be a huge sigh of relief after spending the past few overloaded with 18-20. This semester specifically, I’ll be focusing on my minor, mass communications, which I recently declared. With this extra time on my hands, I’ll be able to focus on leading the best dang Her Campus chapter the world has ever seen (hopefully).

I also have an exciting new internship in store. I will be starting work with an agency in Ivanhoe Village, called Six, and I’ll be doing all sorts of fun things with them. From social media to PR writing to event planning- you name it! I’ll be gaining experience in both of my fields and combining all of my interests.

As much as I wish I could press the pause button on this semester, I already know it’s going to fly by. I’m really excited for all that’s happening in the next few months, and I can’t wait to share all the adventures along the way.

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Lil Life Update #3

Lil Life Updates

College is super busy and by busy I mean that when I’m not studying, my time is consumed by playing the Wii. This is extra hard when I have Lego Wii Star Wars and a boyfriend that is holding himself hostage in my room until he beats the game. But I don’t have a single complaint about my current state of living. Although most of my life has been consumed by meaningless wastes of time, I have had the opportunities to do some pretty cool thing the past month.

Aside from the boring everyday school work, I have been branching myself out and trying some new things. If you’ve kept up with my life thus far, you know that I am a writer for Her Campus UCF. This was something that I dipped my toes into at first and now I’m jumping in head first and nothing but good has come from it. I have written in new genres about topics that I haven’t approached before and the feedback I have been receiving has been so heartwarming. I started out strong with my first article written being recognized by nationals and getting over 500 views. It was an amazing start to the semester and I was rewarded the title of the first Writer of the Week. Such a huge honor as a freshman who wasn’t sure how well she’d fit in with a bunch of English and Journalism majors. My other articles since then have also received positive comments from all my peers. I even rocked the boat and wrote one about politics, something I never want to talk about. Yet it worked in my favor and was also recognized by nationals so that was a huge confidence booster. Her Campus has provided me with a great experience so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds in the organization.

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I also *finally* got a job. Which is a blessing because money is hard and I just want to buy ALL the things and eat ALL the food but my wallet never seems to agree with me. Not cool. But now that I have a job, that blessed $8.25 and hour will be treating me well as I venture into the holiday season. (Sidenote: I love buying people things, but my expensive taste is going to kill me I swear. But it’s okay because everyone deserves happiness in the form of entertainment tickets and memorable jewelry.) I started my job last week at the bookstore because I am a basic college student just trying to live a little. It’s a change from my usual food & beverage positions but I’m hopeful that I can get cross trained in the cafe so I can start whipping up fancy beverages sometime soon.

As you know, Orlando is full of amazing experiences and I am lucky to be able to participate in these events whenever I want. Two weeks ago, UCF was lucky enough to host President Obama as he campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the past election. My friends and I waited in line for over nine hours to see him because how often does one get the experience to hear the current president speak while he is still in office? It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see such a powerful man speak.

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I promise I don’t spend all my free time at Disney World, but I do spend a lot of time at concerts. Last week I got to see my favorite band to dance to, Fitz & the Tantrums for a second time. (You can read about the amazinginess that was the first time here.) It was a totally different experience with totally different people, but I lost my voice during the first song and continued to dance and clap the night away. If you ever have the chance to see them, please for the love of god go.

On a more financially savey account, I was able to go to the FREE Orlando Pride day festivities last weekend with friends. I have always wanted to go to a pride festival and this was the perfect first experience. It took place in downtown Orlando around Lake Eola and it was a gorgeous event. It was so humbling to see all the support from the LGBTQ+ community and all the allies. The heart size in Orlando was so huge and to see all the support from the community following this summer’s Pulse tragedy was incredible. The parade itself lasted almost two hours thanks to all the companies who put in time and effort into supporting the community. The environment was so uplifting and I am amazed by all the positiveity that surrounded us. 10/10 recommend.

And the final fun and free event I took advantage of was my first mini road trip with friends to Cocoa Beach for the day. It was a fun, chill afternoon and living 45 minutes away from the coast isn’t too bad. Although there was a shark in the water (cue the Jaws theme song), we had an amazing time swimming, burying each other, and walking along the water. And like any fun experience with Lena, there were plenty of cute pictures involved (because if you didn’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen.)

So that’s what I have been up to since the last time I updated you guys. The next couple weeks are going to be fun with all the holiday festivities, but also super stressful due to the semester coming to a close and finals beginning. But it’s all alright, every day is a new adventure and I am so fortunate to be on this wild ride.


Thirteenth Annual Player’s Ball

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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to volunteer at my first event in the hospitality industry. A perk of being part of the Rosen School of Hospitality Management is all the opportunities made available for it’s students, and I was fortunate to experience one as a freshman. It opened my eyes to the industry, and I was able to meet many people both from Rosen and the Bridges of Light Foundation that sponsored the event. Lots of positive networking occurred and it was a great addition to my extremely weak resume.

Saturday Evening was the Bridges of Light 13th Annual Players Ball, a gala made for Orlando’s top sports stars to celebrate the night through various fundraisers in place for the namesake’s foundation. Bridges of Light is an Orlando based charity that raises money for children in the city who don’t have the means necessary to get the education they need. The annual ball is the largest fundraiser for the organization thanks to it’s generous sponsors and plethora of auctions made for the guests.

This event took place in the Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort. It is one of the leading convention hotels in the area, and definitely one of the nicest hotels that I have ever been in. It was a great experience to attend an event in such a luxurious resort, such as the ones I would like to work in in the future.

After taking in the amazing sights, we were introduced to the volunteer team and the ballroom/foyer area in which the event would be taking place. Most of the volunteers were returning members who started helping out in college and kept coming back year after year due to how much fun it was. They were all raving about the event and were excited that we were getting involved so young as freshmen. I was excited to hear about all the positivity towards the event and reassured to hear that I was doing good things by putting my foot in the door so soon in my career.

As guests started arriving, I began comparing the event to an “adult prom”. Everyone was dressed to the nines in their best ball gowns and I couldn’t get over how nice everyone looked. It was an understatement to say they looked like a million bucks, because due to the demographic there, they probably all spent a million bucks on their look. After learning that each guest paid near $500 per ticket, I understood how important this event was and how important the hospitality industry is.

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Throughout the night, I assisted the head of events in things that she needed done, and worked closely with the other volunteers with the silent and live auctions. The amount of generosity in these donations outstanded me, but after hearing from some of the kids that the event sponsored, I could understand why. If only I had $115,000 to donate just for the heck of it like one guy did.

The setting was gorgeous, the guests were beautiful, and the events were exciting. Between the auctions, the cocktail party, and the gambling, I got a good taste of a high class event in the industry. Of course I have only seen one type of demographic, but I am already assured that I am in the right major.

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Next month, I plan on doing my second volunteer event, which is a Harvest Ball at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort (aka one of the most gorgeous places I’ve seen owned by the real MVP and sponsor of our school.) I can’t wait to continue volunteering at these events because even though we are not paid for our work with money, we are paid with experience, which can be more valuable in the long run.

Until next timexoxo,