May the 4th Be With You

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May the fourth be with you. No, I’m not a Star Wars fan with a horrible lisp, just a Star Wars fan who loves to celebrate arbitrary holidays. Happy Friday, but more importantly, happy Star Wars day!


I’d like to thank start off by thanking Star Wars for existing. As a kid, I never really understood the franchise, as I wasn’t wielding a lightsaber in the womb. Although I wasn’t raised on the ways of the force, like some, I grew an appreciation for the iconic movie series at the perfect time in my life. Late high school, where I could wear the “nerd card” on my sleeve and be proud of it. I mean I was already in marching band, so how much worse could my social suicide really get?


Fortunately, I didn’t care and was able to fall in love with Han Solo, Lando, and Chewbacca. I instantly took a liking towards the rebel alliance, and when Disney acquired Lucasfilm, I knew I was destined to be a Star Wars geek from here on out.


Thanks to a galaxy far far away, I’ve been able to bond with so many different people and create friendships to last a few light years. I’ve discovered that a Chewie hug can make any problem disappear. I even spent this past Christmas with my old roommate watching the Star Wars Holiday Special that we like to pretend doesn’t exist. And my newly acquired box set will always provide the perfect date night with my equally geeky boyfriend.


Proud to wear my love for Star Wars on my sleeve, and to be binging episodes one through eight today to celebrate the holiday.

Have a nerdy Friday, and may the force be with you, always.


Daily Dose of Magic

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This weekend I was able to experience a small dose of magic, as I traveled to the other side of Orlando to hit up some of my favorite amusement parks. Disney has been off my radar since about January, but sure enough, that was stop number one on my two-day escape from reality.

I hadn’t stepped foot into Magic Kingdom since my last shift there on January 2nd, so coming back was definitely a little strange. My sister was in town with her high schools marching band, so I, of course, had to go support her as she marched down Main Street USA.

As I was driving through the property, nostalgia flew into my face in the form of cartoon billboards and confusing construction. It felt like it had been ages since I was last there, but as soon as I walked under the train station at Magic Kingdom, it felt as if no time had passed at all.


I was able to spend the day with my cousin, Katherine, and a few of my friends that popped in and out of the park throughout. Although I am nowhere close to wanting to renew my annual pass anytime soon, it was so much fun to walk through the park that I spent every day in for 5 months last semester. And of course, I got some cute pictures along the way.

Finishing the night with the Happily Ever After fireworks definitely made my day, as they are probably the only thing I missed about my 4pm to midnight shifts. Yet doing a full park day really got the best of me, as I returned home with sunburned arms and aching legs.

You can watch all my adventures from that day here!

I was able to rest up and take it easy on Saturday in order to prep for a trip to Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure on Sunday.

Each year, UCF rents out a Universal theme park for the night, so that students can let off some stress for free. A major perk of living where you vacation, if I do say so myself. The drawback? It rained all (k)night, but that’s Florida for ya.

Rainjacket in hand, we braved the weather to head out for a night of roller coasters and overpriced theme park food. Minimal wait-times and good company made for a night full of memories.

Living in a tourist destination definitely has it’s perks, and I’m so lucky that I have the opportunity to drop everything and ride an attraction at any given time. I had a blast heading to the theme parks one last time before the summer crowds flood the city, and I can’t wait to explore some hidden gems to avoid the tourists this summer.


Everything I Wore to Work During the DCP


So it’s officially been over a month since I clocked out of work and walked off Disney property one last time. It was a huge relief, but also a bittersweet feeling. I spent every single day for five months on one part of Disney property or another, and was able to explore tons of areas that I wouldn’t have access to as a guest. In cast member talk, we refer to those areas as “backstage” and I was able to experience so many backstage locations thanks to my (sometimes) wonderful role of Merchandise.

No, I did not spend the past five months working at Walt Disney World as a princess (although if people asked, I wouldn’t deny it), but I did spend my time there selling hundreds upon thousands of bubble wands to children, which made for some interesting stories. Yet when I was lucky enough to branch out of my normal operations of roaming Magic Kingdom with a cart full of plastic goodies, I was able to work shifts in three of the four parks, as well as a whole slew of places in Disney Springs.

It was so cool to check out how different stores operated, plus if gave a good excuse not to get bored at work. Being able to work somewhere new whenever I wanted to trade shifts kept the job exciting, and of course I mostly switched it up so I could try on all the (not so) cute costumes.

So here is my final compilation, in order, of all the places I worked during my Disney College Program, along with some super flattering selfies to show off those beautiful costumes.

Magic Kingdom Ad/Lib Merchandise

Ad/Lib was my assigned role, and therefore became my home over the semester. Although I just heard word today that ad/lib as a section no longer exists and was rezoned, it will always have a place in my heart (except for you Pirates. I hated you). Ad/Lib is short for Adventureland/Liberty Square, so my stores included Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, Memento Mori, Pirates Bazaar, and Agrabah Bazaar. See if you can figure out from the pictures which costume goes to which (it’s really not that hard).

In addition to the stores, we were in charge of the Glow opperation, which became my main role, and were responsible for selling anything that lights up across the park at night.

Magic Kingdom Main Street East

f24575b7-821c-4b30-857a-a45ba3abba2cThis was the first shift I picked up outside of my zone, and also happened to be one of my favorites. I mean, come on, I was born to wear this costume. I worked in Uptown Jewelers for this shift, so I sold Dooney & Burke bags, Pandora charms, and lots and lots of expensive Disney jewelry.

Animal Kingdom Discovery Island

59761114-7b25-4660-9853-1754d99ec0cd.jpgThis was my first time working outside of Magic Kingdom, so I was a little nervous, but I quickly became comfortable with the laid back vibes Animal Kingdom gave off. After steering every guest in the wrong direction due to my lack of knowledge on the park, I was able to really fall in love with the ugliest costume ever, and enjoy my 10 hour shift.

Animal Kingdom Main Entrance

36c470c5-330a-4b63-9684-f06887a6692d.jpgFor this shift, I didn’t even have to go in the park, so half the stress from guests was gone. Although I did arrive an hour late due to bus issues (#thanksTranStar), and they sent me home an hour early (probably because they didn’t want me screwing anything else up), it was a super laid back shift that I would totally have picked up again if given the opportunity.

Disney Springs Wonderful World of Memories

ee3bc36a-25cd-4524-89cb-f543bbb5648fProbably one of the most boring shifts of my life because no one knows this store exists and all we sold were the tackiest of tacky souvenirs, but it invited my into the wonderful world of Disney Springs, which became my favorite location to pick up shifts.

Hollywood Studios Rock Around the Shop

1b1abbf6-baf7-4e2e-ad35-f3a76535249cAside from the costume, I was so incredibly excited to pick up at the Rockin’ Rollercoaster gift shop. What could be better than working in my favorite park and listening to Aerosmith for 6 hours? (I quickly found out that there are only ~12 family friendly Aerosmith songs that they can play on loop in that area)

Hollywood Studios Tatooine Traders

8553ce77-6f8c-4029-8a44-1b006503309b.jpgAnother store in Hollywood Studios that really made me wish it was my home park. I was able to geek out over Star Wars for eight hours and pretend I knew more than I actually did. One of the super unique things about this store was that they have a lightsaber building station where kids (or adults, we don’t judge) can create their own lightsaber, so that was incredibly fun to work on.

Disney Springs Pin Traders

cc3a715e-7a00-42fb-ba59-13a1ab1261edI went into this shift thinking it was going to be a drag, due to the fact that the store is all outdoors and only sells one product: pins. Yet it was actually one of my favorite locations that I worked. All of the guests there were avid Disney fans, so they were great to talk to, and stocking pins was an incredibly relaxing way to kill time. I wanted to pick up there again, but never had the opportunity to.

Magic Kingdom Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Treats

e103fa9d-6340-4fa8-ae9a-db5a0d68e9e4This was a super fun one, because I didn’t have to sell anything! For this shift, I handed out candy to all the trick or treaters, while wearing the infamous party costume. Although I was lucky enough that I got to wear it three times a week anyway for my glow shifts.

Hollywood Studios Fantasmic

ad1461ce-c20c-422c-a9e3-6803510d1238Since I was glow trained, I was able to pick up a Fantasmic glow shift, where we sold stuff off our carts in the amphitheater before the nightly show. this was super fun because I actually got to watch the show, which I rarely saw because I only worked nights, and I got to meet people who wanted to trade Magic Kingdom glow shifts.

Disney Springs TrenD

c493d8d1-f647-4813-86b8-0c42b1cb0e07I had high expectations for TrendD, I really did, but aside from the wonderful loop of Christmas music playing, I was let down. It was super boring AND I had to fold clothes, which I am highly incapable of doing. So I didn’t want to go back (but guess what, I did!) Later in my program I had to call out sick one day, and the only shift I could pick up on my day off was back at TrenD, yet I’m happy to announce it was much better the second time around. The costume tho? The opposite of trendy.

Disney Springs Disney’s Days of Christmas

41e55b4f-5111-4040-a422-8047ba88cd50Drumroll please……the was my all time favorite location to work at, and I am so envious of those who had this as their permanent location. Starting with the costume (so cute!!) and moving on to the store itself (so organized!!). So I felt a little bad cheating on my own Christmas shoppe with this one, but I don’t feel bad at all for saying it was 10x better. Their organization was off the charts, and I was never bored. it helped that I was already familiar with the products, so I felt right at home. Loved it so much that I picked up there twice more following the first time. If I ever worked merchandise for WDW again (which I don’t plan on doing) I would be ecstatic if that was my home location, and I guarantee I’d be happy to go to work each morning.

Disney Springs Marketplace Co-Op

fd475908-aa77-4f85-8a3b-25670c7577a3Last, but certainly not least, was the Co-Op in Disney Springs that is made up of about 6 mini stores. This was Christmas Eve eve, and it was a madhouse full of last minute shoppers, but it was also calming to know I was there instead of the insanity that was the parks. I never got bored due to the constant rotation between the shops, and I had an amazing time knowing it was the las shift outside of my home location.

Magic Kingdom Very Merry Christmas Party

This wasn’t an additional shift, but I did want to share the costume I was able to wear every Christmas party during my glow shifts, because I loved it so much.

If you kept up, you noticed Epcot sadly didn’t make the cut. I was trying desperately to try to work there to finish my 4 park goal, but it was very hard due to all the international pavilions. I guess that just means I need to work for the company again so I can pick up a shift there huh?

So there we have it. I worked in a total of 16 stores, 3 parks, Disney Springs, and all of the lands in Magic Kingdom. I was able to wear 19 different costumes, which is all that really matters, right? There were definitely a ton more stores on my bucket list that I wanted to try, but it’s really hard to get what you want in the blood pool that is the Merchandise Shift Exchange Facebook pages. I’m really happy that I was able to try so many different places though, because like I mentioned, it kept the job exciting.

I don’t have much more to write about the Disney College Program, so this is probably my last blog on the topic, but new and exciting things are in the works for the future, and I can’t wait to share them with you!


Let’s Talk Disney


Hey there, hi there, hello there! My life has recently gone 0 to 100 real fast and I *finally* have time to catch you all up on my magical journey. Take a seat, grab some popcorn, and relax because this is going to be a long one!

So the past two weeks, friends and family have been bombarding me with questions of how everything is going down here in Florida with my new job. For those of you who are out of the loop, I just started working for the mouse here at the Walt Disney World Resort. I am a merchandise cast member in Magic Kingdom in Adventureland and Liberty Square, and I basically get paid to have fun. But there’s a little more to it than just that, so let’s talk Disney.

Friday, August 4th: It was the day I have been waiting for since I left Orlando, aka the day I returned to this beautiful land of sunshine. My mom and I landed in MCO bright and early Friday morning and I immediately re-acclimated myself to this wild but wonderful climate. We moved all of my boxes of semi-useless stuff out of my storage unit and prepared for my upcoming check in day. But of course we had to squeeze in some Disney in my first day back in Orlando, so we headed to Disney Springs to eat in a giant pineapple, aka Bongo’s Cuban Grill.

Saturday, August 5th: Day two hit hard as we became tourists for a little while. We headed over to the Orlando Eye to visit Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and surrounding gimmicky shops. That evening we went shopping (again) at the Orlando Premium Outlets located nearby my future apartments before getting rained out.

Sunday, August 6th: My last day with my mom before check in day I wanted to show her all my favorite less talked about spots of Orlando. In the afternoon, we headed to Downtown Orlando in the Lake Eola area and were surprised with their weekly farmers market set up in full swing. We walked around the lake and checked out all the booths set up. The City Beautiful never ceases to amaze me. After that, we went to Winter Park (to shop some more) and eat dinner before heading back to our hotel to prepare for my big move.

Watch my first Pre-Check in Adventures here!

Monday, August 7th: Okay this is where life gets exciting. Monday was my check-in day for the Disney College Program. After eating breakfast with my future roommate, we headed over to our housing complex so I could start my adventure. I headed to the clubhouse where I was handed a program guide, as well as got my photo taken for my housing ID. I then got my key and found my apartment. While we were blessed with the lofted ceilings of the third floor, It wasn’t too fun to move into at noon on a ninety degree day. Especially when an uninvited visitor, Mr. Cockroach, decided he want to help us unpack. After loosing my mind at least seven times throughout the move-in process, I headed to what Disney calls “Casting” for fill out I-9 documents, get fingerprinted, and all that fun stuff. It was a pretty mellow afternoon after that. We finished unpacking and decorating our rooms and then exchanged roommate gifts that we made for each other. I am living with a total of six girls so I’m super grateful for a spacious apartment (despite the fact that I have to share a bathroom with 4 of them)

Tuesday, August 8th: Another uneventful day, because until we go through training, we don’t have access to the parks. On this day I did all of my grocery shopping as well as purchased a super ugly pair of shoes for work (only to find out I need to buy another pair in addition). It was a very laid back day and then that evening, a few of us headed to Disney Springs to compete (and embarrass ourselves) in a dance battle.

Watch my first two days of my program here!

Wednesday, August 9th: Okay Wednesday was super cool because I was able to experience my first ever character dining experience. Two roommates and I went to Tratoria al Forno at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and were able to dine and hang out with Rapunzel, Ariel, Prince Eric, and Flynn Rider for breakfast. It was my first dose of Disney magic sine coming here and was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. The characters were so friendly and some that you can’t normally meet in the parks. After that I decided I needed to go to the parks, and since I have an annual pass, I headed over to ride The Great Movie Ride for one of the last times. I went by myself, but honestly it’s really peaceful to hang out at the parks alone. After that I walked over to Epcot to meet Becky and we rode Ellen’s Universe of Energy one last time. Because that didn’t take too long, we spontaneously decided to go to Pandora, the World of Avatar at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so I could experience it for the first time. It was incredible and I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but Flight of Passage, their new ride, was absolutely insane and worth the two and a half hour wait with a dead cell phone, and I don’t really say that about much.

Watch my character experience and park hopping here!

Thursday, August 10th: On Thursday, all of my roommates and I were off, so we decided to explore around some of the resorts and try out the infamous kitchen sink. We started at the monorail resorts aka the Polynesian Village Resort, The Grand Floridian, and the Contemporary. While at the Poly, we enjoyed dole whips before the heat melted them and hung out on the beach. After heading over to the Grand Floridian, we stopped in the Disney Wedding Pavilion and it was the most beautiful thing in the world, probably. We then headed over to the Boardwalk and the Beach Club to devour the kitchen sink. If you haven’t heard about the kitchen sink, it’s 8 scoops of ice cream, every topping they have (except peanuts bc ya girl’s allergic), and a WHOLE CAN of whipped cream. News flash, we didn’t defeat it. That night we headed to our first welcome event and hung out with hundreds of other kids that arrived this week as well and it was a ton of fun!

Watch our resort hopping experience here!

Friday, August 11th: The day I officially became a cast member for the Walt Disney World Company. Friday was my first day of work called Traditions. Traditions is the orientation that all cast member go through that explains the heritage and traditions of the Walt Disney Company and how that have become as large of a company they are today. It was really incredible to see that side of the magic and was something I’ve been waiting to experience for years. Mickey hand delivered my name tag to me and everything became real. During Traditions we were taken into Magic Kingdom so I got to see the castle for the first time as a cast member! After a magical morning, I met Emily at the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian for dinner! It was my first time seeing her all summer so we caught up and watched the fireworks and I got to show off my super cool apartment to her!

Saturday, August 12th: I slept and slept and slept and then decided I needed to get my butt over to Hollywood Studios to ride Great Movie Ride one last time. After saying my sad goodbye, we headed over to Magic Kingdom to watch Happily Ever After for my *official* first time and it was magical as heck but mostly because a couple in front of us got ENGAGED during “You’ll Be In My Heart” and it was crazy wonderful.

Watch my Welcome Event, Traditions, and Happily Ever vlog here!

Sunday, August 13th: Sunday was my first day of training! I had Welcome to Operations where we learned about all the safety procedures behind our guest service. Following that I had Welcome to Merchandise which offered more in depth information for my role. It wasn’t the most exciting day because it was all classroom training, but I got paid to sit in the AC for 6 hours and listen to Disney music, so I’m not complaining.

Monday, August 14th: This was such an exciting day. Monday was my first day of on the job training, which meant I actually got to go to Magic Kingdom for work! We met at MK Costuming which, which is a huge warehouse full of all the costumes for cast member for the whole park. It was super overwhelming, but also extremely cool to see all the outfits hung up in lines. My location is actually made up of seven different shops and stands, so I have a total of six costumes. Trying them on took absolutely forever, two hours to be exact, but I finally found all my sizes, and am so excited to transform into different characters everyday at work. After that we took a tour of all of our locations, and I even got my pirate name! (Sarah Treasurehound, for those who care)My locations are Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, Memento Mori’s, Pirate’s Bazaar, Agrabah Bazaar, Bwana Bob’s, Glow Carts, and Squeeze Breeze carts! I also have the opportunity to work Halloween parties and Christmas parties, which I have never attended before! The first one is this coming Friday, and I will be working at Memento Mori’s (the Haunted Mansion gift shop), and I could not think of a better place to work that shift!

Tuesday, August 15th: On Tuesday I had my second day of classroom training, Welcome to Merchantainment, where we trained on the registers. Merchantainment is a combination of merchandise and entertainment because no matter what role we play, we are all entertainers. I learned that I will have four different personas to play depending on my location and my introverted self is a little bit nervous about acting, yet I’m hoping it will open me up and prepare me for a dream role in guest relations! After class I walked over to Magic Kingdom, where I met Emily, Nicole, and Becky to play for a few hours before our dinner reservation at Hoop de Doo Revue. Hoop de Doo is a dinner show at Fort Wilderness that was insanely fun. What could be better than all you can eat mashed potatoes? After that I met some new friends at Hollywood Studios to watch Fantasmic before heading home to crash.

Vlog coming soon!

Wednesday, August 16th: My day off! Casey, my roommate, and I both had the day off, so we went to Typhoon Lagoon for the morning. It was both of our first times there, so we had so much fun exploring the park. It was a beautiful and extremely hot, so I was so glad we had a giant water park at our disposal. I also checked out some of the merchandise shops there and decided I definitely want to pick up shifts there in the future!

Vlog coming soon!

Thursday, August 17th: Today was another day full of magic! It was another training day, but this one was a complete walking tour of Magic Kingdom. We came up into the park before it even opened, and were able to experience it before it was full of guests. We spent four hours walking around all the lands, learning fun facts and important information to tell the guests if they have questions. We even were able to ride Haunted Mansion, and get paid for it too!

And now we are finally (kinda) caught up. After this weekend off, my schedule will be picking up a ton, but I’m excited to begin working in all my locations and trying all my new costumes (pictures to follow). My first non-training shift is Monday and I’m super nervous, but also really excited! I’ll continue to keep up with my vlogs and my blogs and all the social medias!

Thanks for following along!



Spring Adventures in Disney

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My time spent at Disney World has been nothing short of amazing these past couple months! After purchasing an annual pass and being able to experience the parks on a weekly basis, I’m fortunate enough to call the resort my second home. 

I’ve been able to experience all of the attractions, multiple holidays, and countless memories; and I’m excited to share them all with you! I’ve been compiling footage of all the exciting days spent at the parks, with so many different friends, for my YouTube channel. I tried out vlogging (and surprisingly enjoy it) after notice of my acceptance to the Disney College Program.

I plan to record while I’m down there so my friends and family, and anyone with an internet connection, can check out what I’m doing and stay up to date with my life. Until then, I’ve begun practicing to get all the awkward out of my system (if that’s even possible) by vlogging. After sorting through hours of footage, I found some of my favorite moments and compiled them all together for you!

Here are my favorite spring memories in Disney World, surrounded by my friends, pop music, and a lot of dancing! I had so much fun living these memories, and even more fun reliving them while compiling this together and I’m super happy with how it turned out!

I hope you like it just as much as I do! Click here to check it out!

“Happily Ever After” Review

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“And all our wishes, will come true.” Yeah, yeah, yeah except I wished for Happily Ever After to be good and clearly that wish didn’t come true. Thanks Jiminy, Walt, and Bob Iger for ruining my hopes and dreams. Lets fight.

Okay, okay most of you are probably lost, so let me set the scene for you. Welcome to my life, where if you don’t like Disney, you’re wrong. If you have kept up with the ins and outs of the parks, you might have heard that fan favorite firework spectacular, Wishes, made it’s final showing this week on May 11th at the Magic Kingdom. It has been the nighttime show since 2003, and it’s removal has caused a stir in the Disney community. Yet shortly after announcing it’s farewell, it was also announced that a new show, Happily Ever After, would be replacing it. Pitchfork and torches in hand, Disney fans rioted over the replacement until finally coming to terms with the fact that magic is always changing.

As a huge fan of all things nostalgic, I was not embracing this replacement well, and have gone through this week with an extremely biased opinion. Yet 9 o’clock struck, and there I was, phone in hand, prepped to watch the live stream of the premiere of Happily Ever After (which you can watch here).

And it started out really well. The music began and I started to tear up a little. Just a little, don’t go around telling people I’m weak now. The orchestra was insane and the lighting was magical. I could feel that “end of a Disney day” contentness in my heart, which is exactly what a nighttime spectacular should deliver in my opinion. Yet that’s where those feelings stayed, and ended.

I had heard clips of the soundtrack previously and formulated strong opinions against it’s pop vibe, yet actually hearing it in the show made me hate it even more. Two irrelevant singers performing an original irrelevant song made my heart feel nothing. I had no memories associated with this music. It did not tug at my heartstrings. It was just kind of…there. Also a side note, but no fireworks were even shot until about 45 seconds in. Just interesting.

Yet the pop music faded and entered the Disney magic that we all were waiting for. I loved the recognition of underappreciated characters such as Tiana and Quasimodo being projected on the castle. Even more obscure songs were used, such as ones from Brave, Tarzan, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Yet as incredible as that was to see, it was also extremely confusing. Since a majority of this show featured projections to compliment the fireworks and music, I assumed they were supposed to flow together. Well I was wrong, and that’s what I get for assuming. This first occurred during “Touch the Sky” from Brave. In the midst of scenes playing from the movie, Lightning McQueen from Cars shows up and drives past, followed by the floating house from Up. They don’t even kinda fit the Brave aesthetic? But okay Disney, you do you.

These weird obscure crossovers continue throughout, such as a mechanical/toy backdrop during the song “Bare Necessities”, as well as the castle singing?? Yeah you heard that right and it was kinda unnerving. Can’t explain it, just didn’t appreciate it.

Yet thank the lord that the Frozen scene that was included DIDN’T feature “Let It Go”or else I might have lost it. Yet it did feature this weird, slow, depressing cover of “Love Is An Open Door” that I can’t say I hated, yet was surprised by the mood it took on.

And then something incredible happened. Pirates of the Caribbean happened all over this dang show and made up for all the weirdness I endured during the first half. Following that was a bad cover of “Go the Distance”, but it gave me all the Wishes feels so I forgive it. AND THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENED and Tinker Bell took flight in the best way possible. By far the best part of the show.

Overall, the show had a lot of amazing elements such as marketing underappreciated characters, channeling the 21st century, and adding incredible spotlights and lasers that really enhanced the show, yet I’m opinionated so not everything was happy-go-lucky.

First off, I’d like to remind viewers that this was intended to be a firework show. While yes, there was a lot of boom boom pow in the sky, there were even more projections down below. Keep in mind that we already have a projection show at Magic Kingdom. It was a little too distracting for me to watch the castle act as a screen, while also watching the fireworks, and it took away from the point of the show. Side note, can we talk about all the god awful covers of the classic songs? Please tell me what was so wrong with the originals that they needed to replace them with the ear garbage that was playing.

Also even with the aid of additional visuals, there was zero story line. Wishes told a story throughout the fireworks and used nothing other than pyrotechnics and music to guide the viewer through. Happily Ever After was just a montage of Disney movies placed in what I feel was no rhyme or reason, put to fireworks.

Now I’m not bashing the incredible technology used, because this definitely was an incredible feat to accomplish. I’m just bummed that with all that they had available to them, they were unable to grasp at a viewer’s heartstrings and create the same effect that Wishes had on so many fans.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll feel differently when I see it in person in August, but for now I remain team Wishes, and will continued leaving my biased opinions across the internet until I realize that it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Anyways, go forth and formulate your own opinion and feel free to fight me because I’m ready to have a grown up debate about this.

@Disney, I don’t love you any less, I promise.


The Dapperest of Days

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“Oh darling, you look absolutely splendid this evening!” was the phrase that ran through my head throughout yesterday as I attended my first ever Dapper Day event!j

For those of you who don’t know what dapper day is, here’s the rundown. Originating as a guest planned function, it invited those heading to Disney to dress to the nines in their favorite dapper clothing. People choose iconic fashion eras such as the 20s, 50s, and 60s, to put together an outfit worth of twirling down Main Street USA on one of the fanciest days of the year. This event occurs in both the spring and the fall in various Disney parks across the world and have recently been picked up by the companies to monetize.

With so much creative freedom the outfit possibilities are endless. Most choose to Disney Bound (dress as a certain character) for their outfit, while others just wear their Sunday best. Regardless, everyone looks fabulous and has an amazing time.

I was unable to make it to the event in the fall, so this was my first experience with the infamous Disney day. Dressed in gold and accessorized to the max, I decided to Disney Bound as Belle and I still can’t get over how awesome it turned out. (No need to brag, but can we just take a second to appreciate my hair? I learned how to do it in the moment as I was getting ready and i’m still thankful that it decided to cooperate all day!)

As soon as we parked, we knew we were in for a treat as we were immediately surrounded by others dressed to the nines. It was insane to see such a huge community come together for this event and show off their Disney side simultaneously.

We braved the ninety-six degree heat as we entered the park and immediately began snapping pictures before our hair and makeup would fall. Honestly, all we really did was take pictures and I’m 100% okay with that because everyone looked so. good. It was crazy! All that was running through my mind the whole time was ideas for next year.

Vintage vibes, rosey cheeks, and trolley cars had me feeling some type of way and I couldn’t put my camera down. I can’t wait for future Dapper Day events. If you ever get the chance to go, do it. You won’t regret it!


Once Upon a Time…a Girl’s Dream Came True


I’ve been wishing upon a star for as long as I can remember, and now my dream is finally coming true! Who knew a cricket in a top hat would give such great advice? Yet thanks to him, I’ll be able to hang out with all types of creatures in unique outfits as I gallivant around the Walt Disney World resort for a little while longer! Only this time, I’ll be getting paid to do it! I am super proud to announce that after year of dreaming and wishing, I have accepted a role as a merchandise cast member for the fall 2017 Disney College Program!

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Ever since discovering this program over five years ago, it’s all I have been thinking about and I can’t believe that I’m actually going to be a part of it! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, don’t sweat it, that’s what I’m here to explain! The Disney College Program is something that both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have been offering students for years. It allows anyone enrolled as a part-time or full-time student to take a semester off and work for the company at any of the theme parks, restaurants, or resorts. While on the program, they are provided housing with other CPs, as well as the opportunity to take classes taught by Disney in a number of fields. Some colleges even accept these as credit for their university! The program has been known to create countless memories and connect people from all over the world, while gaining experience in such a unique industry!

I discovered this program long before looking into majors and schools, and I do believe that my desire to work there has lead me down the path that I am on today. And I am SUPER lucky because as each semester passes, the competition becomes even more intense. Thousands of people apply each year, and only a very small percentage move on to the next round. In the application process, there are three steps to complete before the possibility of acceptance is even visible. As each step is completed, less and less move forward, until acceptances are finally sent out.

Because of this vigorous application process, I have been very nervous about if I would ever get the chance to make this dream come true. Sure, I could always apply for a part time job there, but the college program offers so much more to its participants than just a job, and that was incredibly important to me. So important that I sped up my application process by a semester.

Since my sophomore year of high school, I got this idea in my mind that I would participate in this program the spring semester of my sophomore year in college. It would give me the chance to get used to my school for a year, as well as not miss out on most of the important fall events that come with welcome week and football games. I wouldn’t have to work any major holidays, yet it would come early enough in my college career to get my foot in the door with internships. Unfortunately, a higher power had other plans for me.

As I previously mentioned, the application process is intense, and I knew I would have to give it my all in order to get this opportunity. So being the planner I am, I planned to go through the application process one semester early to get a feel for how it would go when I was serious about doing this. Well that plan backfired in the best way possible because after filling out the application and submitting it, I heard back 56 minutes later with an invitation to the next step, a web based interview. I was shocked to have heard so soon, but I knew I had to at least check out the WBI because I have read that it is the hardest part of the application process. This is because the company is looking for a certain type of person to work for them and this is the step that weeds out most of the competition.

Laptop in hand, I logged in and answered everything truly, and it paid off. I was immediately redirected to a screen inviting me to move on to the final step, the step only about 30% of applicants make it to, the phone interview. I was amazed how lucky I was to make it this far, but also super stressed out because none of this was in my plan. I was excited to come back to UCF in the fall and had just finished finalizing my plans for next year. But now there was this new “what-if” hanging in the air. I spent the next week entangled in my thoughts as I tried to wrap my mind around how all of this was happening. Both excitement and stress flooded through my mind and it was a whirlwind of emotions. Yet I went into that phone interview super nervous yet super prepared to handle whatever was thrown at me.

As I stuttered through my conversation with my interviewer, Kathy, my heart was beating out of my chest. I didn’t know what to think. Yet I did inform her on my happy crisis and she advised me to not set anything in stone. Yes, it might seem like doing something six months early is a lot, but in the field I want to go in, the earlier I get started, the better. She told me to take every opportunity that is thrown at me, because someday, they are going to stop and no one wants to regret missing out on anything. That advice set a fire in my heart and cleared up all my stress and I knew that if  I were accepted, it would be a no brainer to take the role, regardless of the time frame it fell in.

Yet that clarification came with a newfound burst of excitement. Unfortunately, after my phone interview ended, it was time to play the waiting game. I waited two weeks, three hours, and seventeen minutes (but who’s counting?) before getting my email with my results enclosed inside. At 12:24 pm on Tuesday, February 14th, I heard my phone vibrate, and my heart skipped a beat, as it always does when I get an email notification, and there. it. was.

That is about as far as I read before absolutely loosing my mind. I immediately texted everyone I could think of and began crying (and I don’t cry often so you know this is the real deal.) After calming down for a split second, I checked my role and found out I was blessed with merchandise. It wasn’t my top choice, but it was pretty high up there and I’m just thankful I didn’t get custodial or quick service food & beverage.

So yeah my Valentine’s Day was pretty bomb. This past week has been crazy trying to rearrange my plans for next fall, but I am so so SO excited to get started in my program. I paid my fees, chose my check-in date (August 7th!), and have found 5 out of 6 of my future roommates! I previously thought I wanted to avoid working the holiday season at Disney, and I still understand how busy it’s going to be. BUT I’m so excited to work the Halloween and the Christmas parties, along with avoiding the Pittsburgh winter over break 😉

It’s incredible how many amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with since starting college, and this is only the beginning! So it looks like you have a new journey to follow me on, huh? Lucky for you, this is going to be an exciting one! So get ready, because in 165 days, this blog is going to get a heck of a lot more magical!

Thank you all for the endless support, and I can’t wait to see where this takes me.



Christmastime at Disney

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The decorations are hung across the castle with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there. It’s the most wonderful time of the year in the happiest place on Earth. What a magical combination for visitors of all ages. After years of dreaming to see my favorite place during the holiday season, my wish finally came true this past month.


My first visit with the decorations was to Magic Kingdom the weekend after Halloween. The transformation happened almost over night and I have never seen anything more magnificent. I had seen pictured of past years decorations, but standing next to the 50ft tree on Main Street was a whole new experience. Let’s start with Main Street USA. When you first walk into the park, you are greeted by the Christmas Tree aforementioned, along with wreaths adorning every building down the line. Then you are greeted by the castle. Covered from head to toe in thousands of tiny twinkle lights, called the “Dream Lights” that are made possible by Elsa’s frozen magic. Holiday music plays over the speakers and the 80 degree weather helps to pretend your cuddled up by a fireplace. The whole experience is magical as heck, and the characters are even dressed for the occasion.


Likewise, the other parks and resorts follow suit in their decorating. Hollywood Studios takes the vintage view on Hollywood and covers their streets with tinsel to match the glitz and glam feel. Their tree is full of movie references and joy as it lights up the exterior part of the park with it’s Christmas glow. At night, Jingle Bell,  Jingle BAM! takes the stage as projections are shown on the Chinese Theater and fireworks dance along to the Christmas music blaring over the speakers. The story line of this nighttime spectacular follows the elves from Disney’s Crash and Landing as they seek to find a missing Santa on Christmas Eve. The night is finished with a thorough coating of “snoap” (a snow substitute made of soap bubbles) on Sunset Blvd as guests exit the park. One of the most magical feelings is experiencing the snow in the warmth of Florida in December.


Epcot and Animal Kingdom both participate in the holidays as well with subtle decorations throughout the parks. In Animal Kingdom, you could meet Santa Goofy and Pluto as well as Baloo and King Louie all dressed up in their winter attire. In Epcot, you can experience the holidays around the world in World Showcase to learn about different traditions each culture participates in. End the night watching the Candlelight Vigil hosted by various celebrities in the Disney community, such as Neal Patrick Harris or Whoopi Goldberg, and melodious voices from the Disney choir.

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I was blown away by how the parks celebrated the holidays, but the fun doesn’t end there. My friends and I then decided to take a day trip to Disney Springs and resort hop around property to get the full experience. At Disney Springs, you are immediately greeted but wreathes and garland strung across the pathways between stores as Christmas music plays in the background. They created a Christmas Tree trail that displayed trees featuring decorations from all the Disney classics, such as Mulan and The Little Mermaid. The decorations outdid themselves. There was also wandering entertainment throughout the shopping district. Between a roaming Santa, toy soldiers on stilts, and a DJ spinning a constant loop of holiday tracks, it was hard to avoid the Christmas spirit. The coolest part, in my opinion, was the nighttime drone show that they recently created. Like each of the parks that had a nighttime show, Disney wanted the guests at Disney Springs to also enjoy something special that separated this from just another Florida strip mall. It is the first of it’s king and consisted of over a hundred small drones that lit up and flew above the lake, synchronized to music of course. I had never seen anything like it before,  but hope to see more in the future! Unfortunately I was too mesmerized to take a video, but you can see what it looks like here.

The resorts were also completely decked out for the holidays. A handful of them setup large gingerbread displays that bakers at the resort create by hand each year. The Contemporary resort had a tribute to Frozen.


The Beach Club resort had a carousel made completely of gingerbread and chocolate that actually moved. Legend has it that there were 17 golden hidden mickeys painted on it, yet we spent over 45 minutes looking and only found 16.


The Grand Floridian had the most grand display of all. IN the lobby was a life size gingerbread house that doubled as a gift shop that cast members actually stood in and worked out of. The details were incredible.


It’s no secret that Disney goes all out for the holidays and I’m so lucky that I was able to experience some of the magic without paying an extra $100 for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Although, the crowds are definitely so much worse, it was still incredible to take in. It was magical to say the least.

Until next timexoxo,