Thankful For…

Thanksgiving has become such a strange time of the year for me. As one of my favorite holidays, I have always looked forward to the cozy day that truly marks the start of the Christmas season. Everyone is always in such an amazing mood, and not to mention it’s the best meal of the year. (Seriously, why can’t we normalize eating green bean casserole and stuffing all year round?) Something about Thanksgiving and our traditions at home just always felt right to me, and I just can’t seem to explain it.

Since starting college, I have spent the past three Thanksgivings at school, just because the timing with our breaks is super strange, and flights this time of year can be pretty expensive. Yet I never let that stop me from enjoying my favorite traditions. Growing up, my family would start the day off in our PJs watching the parade, while eating our gourmet breakfast of McDonald’s. Nothing special, but it was something my sister and I looked forward too all year. I’m here to tell you that the tradition still stands, and no matter where I spend my Thanksgiving, I vow to myself to start it off the same way.

I’ve also been able to start my own traditions too. Every year, my Her Campus ladies and I have been able to host a “friendsgiving” potluck filled with smiles and amazing memories. The past three years, Josh and I have been able to spend the holiday weekend together, and although he hasn’t quite picked up on how amazing the parade is to watch, he happily drives me to McDonald’s to make sure I can enjoy my annual bacon, egg, & cheese McGriddle. Last year we even cooked our own Thanksgiving meal, and it was so much fun (and extremely hard) to figure out how to downsize a feast for just two people.

I’m so thankful for my life in Florida, and how everything has been falling into place for me the past few years. I’ve had amazing job opportunities, I fell in love with my school, and the most amazing people have entered my life since moving here. I miss celebrating Thanksgiving at home, but I am so grateful to have found a second place to call home and create these new memories. in.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter how you’re celebrating this year!


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