The Freedom of Four Wheels

Who would have thought running errands was something I’d soon take for granted? In high school, I was lucky enough to be my family’s personal errand runner and an eager one at that. Hopping in the car to pick up some veggies for dinner, meant 30 minutes of freedom that I never thought would be something I cherished.

Flash forward to starting college, when I shipped myself across the country with no friends and no car, and somehow tried to make things work. Not to toot my own horn, but I survived pretty successfully too. It was definitely difficult to live my life without the luxury of a car, but thanks to some reliable friends and my part-time chauffeur, otherwise known as my boyfriend, I was able to make it work.

Yet all I did was make it work. I was able to get groceries when needed. I had someone take me to the mall if I needed clothes for school. I became a pro at finding Lyft and Uber discount codes. But what I wasn’t able to do without a car, was be free.

Sure, my friends were always around to help me out when I needed to be dropped off somewhere, but I lost that independence that I took for granted when I was able to drive myself places. I couldn’t apply for my number one job choice. I couldn’t sign up to volunteer at events that would boost my resume. I couldn’t grab an ice cream cone when I was feeling down. I always had to cater my schedule around someone else’s, and I even experienced a tinge of guilt, always asking the same people for rides.

Yet getting a car isn’t as easy as walking into the store and buying one. My family and I had been working on this process for what felt like years. And it was a long time coming, but this past week, I was finally able to drive home my newest found freedom, in the form of a 2018 Honda Fit.

Ever since moving to Orlando, I knew how important having a car would be, and how much it would be able to improve my future, be it with reliable transportation to new job opportunities, or the availability to always go above and beyond in volunteering to drive for my different organizations.

This past week, I’ve been able to gain back that independance that I’ve missed so much, and it’s incredible to believe that I finally have a car of my own.

I’m so excited to keep on growing down here in Florida, and this car is just a small step towards my success. I am so grateful that the time has finally come that this dream has become a reality, and of course blessed that I can swing through the Taco Bell drive-thru any time I want.

This new baby, that I have graciously named Luna, and I are prepared to make some memories, thanks to our newfound freedom, and the future ahead of us is an open road.


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