Daily Dose of Magic

This weekend I was able to experience a small dose of magic, as I traveled to the other side of Orlando to hit up some of my favorite amusement parks. Disney has been off my radar since about January, but sure enough, that was stop number one on my two-day escape from reality.

I hadn’t stepped foot into Magic Kingdom since my last shift there on January 2nd, so coming back was definitely a little strange. My sister was in town with her high schools marching band, so I, of course, had to go support her as she marched down Main Street USA.

As I was driving through the property, nostalgia flew into my face in the form of cartoon billboards and confusing construction. It felt like it had been ages since I was last there, but as soon as I walked under the train station at Magic Kingdom, it felt as if no time had passed at all.


I was able to spend the day with my cousin, Katherine, and a few of my friends that popped in and out of the park throughout. Although I am nowhere close to wanting to renew my annual pass anytime soon, it was so much fun to walk through the park that I spent every day in for 5 months last semester. And of course, I got some cute pictures along the way.

Finishing the night with the Happily Ever After fireworks definitely made my day, as they are probably the only thing I missed about my 4pm to midnight shifts. Yet doing a full park day really got the best of me, as I returned home with sunburned arms and aching legs.

You can watch all my adventures from that day here!

I was able to rest up and take it easy on Saturday in order to prep for a trip to Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure on Sunday.

Each year, UCF rents out a Universal theme park for the night, so that students can let off some stress for free. A major perk of living where you vacation, if I do say so myself. The drawback? It rained all (k)night, but that’s Florida for ya.

Rainjacket in hand, we braved the weather to head out for a night of roller coasters and overpriced theme park food. Minimal wait-times and good company made for a night full of memories.

Living in a tourist destination definitely has it’s perks, and I’m so lucky that I have the opportunity to drop everything and ride an attraction at any given time. I had a blast heading to the theme parks one last time before the summer crowds flood the city, and I can’t wait to explore some hidden gems to avoid the tourists this summer.


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