Life’s A Beach

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For someone who’s spent the past eight months in paradise, it may sound surprising that I have yet to gain a suntan. Yet with only a week left in Florida, I’m determined to not return home as pale as I was when I left. First on the agenda to get tan? A failed self-tanning lotion. Have no fear, the beach was here to save me this time! And luckily, it was a successful trip!

Today I adventured to the shark bite capital of the world, New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Located just a little over an hour away from campus, this has been my second trip there this school year. Yet this time we were real Floridians and drove our dune buggy (Nicole’s Rav 4) right on the sand to start off the day.

85°s and sunshine greeted us as we sprawled out on the sand ready to soak up those rays. Not only was the weather perfect for splashing around, but it provided an amazing backdrop for photos (because if you didn’t post about it, did it really happen?)

After some super posed candids and amateur modeling sessions, we decided to head into the shopping district to grab lunch and find some pretty walls.

Once returning to our spot on the beach, it was time for a quick nap while everyone else boogie boarded. (I mentioned it was the shark bite capital of the world right? Yeah no way was I getting in that water!)

Yet no trip to the beach is complete without a sunburned back and a rising tide to scare us away. Maybe next time I’ll remember to reapply my sunscreen before getting in the car to head home. Life can be a real beach sometimes.

Regardless, it was an amazing final beach day before going home for the summer and I can’t wait for future adventures next fall!


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