Blogs and Jobs and Vlogs, Oh My!


It’s 2017 and I have made it my goal to take over the internet. As a huge supporter of all forms of social media as an outlook to express yourself, I have decided to look into more and more forms to spread my content across to my fans.

Blogging has been an amazing way to recap on some of my favorite moments in life, but what better way to hear about them than experience them with me? I recently started a YouTube channel where you can catch me making amateur videos of my adventures through life. Right now I’m sticking to Disney because it is my home, but I might be branching out in the future.

If you think you’d be interested in watching me make fool out of myself in real life versus behind my sarcastic banter that I type up, you can check me out with my uber creative screen name, The Princess and the Vlog. I don’t have much content yet but this could be the start of something new, so patience is virtue my friend.

I hope you enjoy all I have to offer as I explore new platforms to express myself. If you don’t, that’s fine, but you can take your lame opinions elsewhere.

Until next time,


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