My Love for David is Still Cookin’ Eight Years Later

If you’ve been following my journey for a while, then you know I spend alot of time listening to live music. It’s no surprise that concerts are one of my favorite things ever, and every experience is super unique. I love every minute of them and reliving them when I share them with you guys. So without further ado, here’s another lame concert post complete with videos for your viewing pleasure.

Backstory time: When I was ten years old, I watched my first season of American Idol and fell in love with the contestant who later went on to win, David Cook. It was an unhealthy obsession, but it lead me to discover the great wonders of rock music, so i’ll let it slide. Long story short, I loved him, but I was a baby and concerts werent in my vocabulary at that age.

Flash forward to present day Lena. Avid supporter of lame music and amature concert junkie. I spend my free time looking through Bandsintown because I am trash and have nothing better to do than find concerts that I can’t afford in towns that I don’t live in.

Low and behold, one of those days of scrolling lead me to my childhood idol. (I’m laughing at my pun, I hope you are too). After a quick tap and a swipe, I discovered that the one and only David Cook would be perfoming in Orlando while I am here. And it was free. A dream come true honestly. So guess where I was Sunday night?

Cook plays an annual show at Epcot’s Food & Wine festival each year. This year he was here on October 1st & 2nd, playing three sets each day. So you bet your bottom dollar that I was ready and roaring to go.

After watching the first set from the middle section of the amphitheater and realizing that wow he is a real person in front of me, we decided to stick it out for more performances. Only we wanted to be closer because once you go barricade you never go back. So for his second set, we watched from outside the theater, while in line for the third set. (Multitasking at it’s finest).

After throwing hands at all the hardcore David Cook fans, we made it to the front with a perfect view. Each set he played different songs so it was a great experience to hear some of his older stuff along with the classics. And it wouldn’t be complete without and A+ cover song, in which he nailed all three times.

Aside from being really freaking amazing, he also was such a nice guy as he interacted with the audience. Because we were at Disney and everything is magical, every moment was filled with a new surprise. Some girls made a sign and he noticed and went over and autographed it. A group was taking a selfie and he went over and started posing for them. A little girl came up on stage and gave him a gift from their family and everyone’s heart melted. The list goes on and on.

It was an amazing concert that was worth the 8 year wait. I even got a guitar pick so I am on cloud nine. I’m so lucky to get these opportunities, and I can’t wait until he comes back next year because you can bet money that I’ll be waiting.


All videos are from the third set.

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