Lil Life Update #2


Long time, no blog. The past month has been extremely hectic in the best way possible and it’s time for me to update you guys on all aspects of my crazy life here in Orlando.

So I wanna start out by punching myself in the face for not blogging more often. Most of my creativity flows through my brain while I’m minutes away from sleep. Yet I have decided that sleep is no longer for me and have cut it out of my lifestyle completely. No sleep equals minimal creativity equals lackluster blog posts. (or extremely boring ones like this one)

That brings me to my next point. I have decided to become nocturnal. Sleeping at night is too mainstream and I don’t want to conform to society, so I’m trying something new. Stay tuned for updates.

All in all, college is going great for me and I’m extremely lucky to be feeling this way. I know the first month is supposed to be hard on a lot of people, and I’ve heard horror stories from some of my friends, but I am fortunate enough to be in a different boat than the majority.

For anyone that knows me, it’ll be no surprise to hear that I didn’t wait long to get involved here on campus. I’m super honored to have been accepted to write for HerCampus UCF (check out my first article here).

As a first semester freshman, this was a super incredible opportunity and I’m loving it so far. It’s so empowering to belong to a group of amazing girls who share the same passion as me. I love going to our weekly meetings and bouncing feedback off each other. My first article was published this past week and I was super nervous about it because it had to do with something personal that I wouldn’t normally broadcast to the world. Yet I built up my confidence and knew I shouldn’t be ashamed of anything and put my words out there to be viewing.

I couldn’t be more happy with the decision I made because in less than twelve hours, my story was already picked up and shared by nationals, which is insanely rare. It’s a huge accomplishment and I am so proud of myself for being able to reach that level of recognition on my work, let alone my first published piece. I’m so excited to be thriving in this community so soon and I can’t wait to continue writing more articles for our team.

I am also extremely #blessed to have amazing friends, both here and at home, that supported me with my first article. All the shares on social media really impacted it’s publicity and all the positive comments made my heart grow three sizes. I love all of you and thank you for putting up with my lame ambitions.

I also decided to dip my toes in a new organization that is unlike anything we had in high school. It’s called Campus Activities Board (CAB) and they are a student run organization responsible for putting on events around campus throughout the school year. Every pool party, concert, and guest speaker that comes to our school happens because of this group and I’m super excited to start working on the board.

I signed up for the concert section and the special events section because I like to believe I’m a concert junkie (I’m not), and I want to gain more experience in planning events to help with my future career in hospitality. I am also tossing around the idea of minoring in Entertainment Management so both of these will greatly improve my resume, along with having a lot of fun in an activity meant to help others have fun.

Speaking of my future career, I totally spent a lot of money last week in order to help my future. Or at least that’s how i’m convincing myself that my actions are justifiable. By this, I mean I am now *officially* and annual pass holder for Walt Disney World :))))) This is most definitely a learning experience for me because I am now exposed to the industry on a weekly basis. Also, I can ride Space Mountain whenever I want. I win. I am using this same reasoning to justify that it’s okay that I’m going to an ample amount of concerts this school year. Concert junkie or a student going above an beyond to further her education? The world may never know.

I have also been killin’ it with my school work and getting so much doneΒ ahead of deadlines, which is totally unlike me. Maybe my days of endless procrastination are finally over? Probably not, but at least for now I can pretend I’m doing good things with my education. I even started to look into the different levels of the hospitality industry and volunteered at my first event, (more on that here).

I have made a ton of friends from all different groups of people. I miss being friends with fellow band geeks, but I have a ton of Disney nerds to make up for that. Making friends was definitely hard at first, but thank god for the internet existing and for me being way more personable while hiding behind the protection of my phone screen.

Overall, my experience here has been pretty rockin’ and my confidence is at an all time high. The only thing that sucks is how much my hair fights with the humidity, but it’s fine, I’ll just shave my head. Thanks for bearing with me through another lame life update, but I just had to brag a little bit. Self love is key. I’m going to attempt to write more, but like I said, I no longer sleep, so it’s difficult to have random burst of inspiration, but I’m trying my hardest!

Until next time (could be tomorrow, could be a month from now)…


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