How To Drain Your Bank Account in Seven Short Days


Money is just a construct set up by the government to ruin our lives. We don’t need to stand for this insanity so let’s just get rid of it all now. Just follow these easy steps and you too can be as broke and happy as me!

1. Start out by eating a lot of food. I don’t care what type of food, but chances are that you have friends, and chances are that your friends eat food. Just go out with them as much as possible since no one wants fomo, and spend. all. your. money.

money-22. Attempt to live on your own. Even just slightly. You’ll start buying thing you never even thought you’d need, but are totally essential to everyday life. Stamps, dish soap, a pet fish, you name it. Random expenses come up all the time and accounting for them is all part of the journey.


3. Live in a city that never sleeps. New York? LA? Vegas? All good options. I chose Orlando and my wallet hates me more and more everyday thanks to it.


4. Accidentally order an annual pass for Disney World. What? I totally slipped and fell into the pass holders line and my debit card must have flown out of my wallet and into the cashiers hand right as a transaction was being made. Weird right? I know.


5. I was going to make a final valid and creative point, but honestly all my money goes to food so it deserves to be dedicated twice.


Here’s to fast food, college essentials, and drained bank accounts. If you need a quicker way to get rid of cash fast, remember that the Bank of Lena is always open for donations πŸ™‚


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