Wild Wild World

March 4, 2013, a small British pop band took the indie charts by ~storm~ (it’s a pun, pretend I’m funny) with their lyrically empowering release of Bad Blood. Bastille’s debut album changed the way I, and thousands of basic white girls all around the world, listened to music. Over three years ago, I fell in love with music, and yesterday I was able to do it all over again.

September 9, 2016, a large British pop band reemerged from the depths of hell where they have been hibernating for the past couple years. Once again, they are taking world by storm with their lyrically empowering release of Wild World.

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Let me just start out by saying that Bastille is a really freaking awesome band. They have really freaking awesome songs, and they do really freaking awesome things for their fans. One of these really freaking awesome things that they have done recently was holding a nationwide album release party at select indie record stores across the country. Thirteen to be exact. And now that I live  in the wonderful city of opportunities that is Orlando, I was able to adventure out to listen to my favorite band’s album a day earlier than everyone else.

Yes yes, I totally think I’m cooler than you because I got to hear an album twelve hours before you. I savored every moment because by this morning, the album was already second on the charts (yasss bbs are killing it!! i’m such a proud fangirl).

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Other than the fact that I got to hear the album I waited three years for early, it was really freaking awesome to explore a new record store with a bunch of other Stormers and hang out for an evening. Park Ave CDs, you’re pretty rockin’! Good music, good vibes, good company.

Since then, I have listened to the album on repeat at least 2,492 times. That is not an approximation. That is 100% a real number. And every time it gets better and better. I hated the wait, but in the most cliche sounding way possible, it was worth every minute (hour, month, year).

I’m no musical genius so I’m less than qualified to talk about their sound, and lyrics, and blah blah blah. But even me, a tone deaf white girl that listens to indie trash, can realize that everything from their vocals, to instrumentation, to theming has gone leaps and bounds above how they used to be.

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Wild World is centered around the fictional Wild World Communications news company that the band created in order to translate information about their upcoming album, shows, and music videos. This theme is then transplanted through the album with each song featuring sound clips of samples from retro movies, TV shows, and radio programs. The clips tell the stories of each songs as the album progresses from start to finish. I love the spin that Bastille put on their album to make it more original than all the other garbage I listen too.

Also, Dan Smith is a lyrical GOD. I don’t know how he does it, but every single word that comes out of that man’s mouth is right. He makes no mistakes and is really freaking good at making sense. AKA the exact opposite of what I’m doing right now. I’m listening to the album as I type this and I have entered into a state of delusion, so deepest apologies for making less sense than I normally do. This album is just SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

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They also decided to learn how to play guitar which is super cool. There’s a ton of guitar in this album so it has a super different sound than Bad Blood. Also, every single song on this album is upbeat, so be prepared to dance.

I want to say more about it, but I also want to cry about it, so I’m going to go with the latter of the two. Expect more tears from me if/when they announce a North American tour. Now go listen to the album. Please. I beg of you.



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