The New Americana


Are you insane like me?/Been in pain like me? Woke up at 4 am just to stand in line like me? Just to pour your heart and soul into a show like me? Would you spend your past three paychecks on Halsey like me? *

If you answered no to any of those, you’re most likely living you life wrong. But it’s okay. I’m here to brag about how amazing my life was on Tuesday so you can be eternally jealous and hopefully adjust your behaviors to model everything you do after me :)))

It all started in January when I sold my soul to Halsey/ And she told me I was worthy/She’s got me down on money/but it’s the VIP that’s tryna/Hold me down, hold me down/Sneaking out my savings/Makes no sound/Knock me out, knock me out/saying that I want more/Concert’s what I live for!*

One of the most inspirational and lovable performers was coming to our town and we weren’t going to let anything get in our way of seeing her. After months of planning outfits, purchasing VIP upgrades, and obsessing over the fact that we were gonna be a few rows away from our idol, the day had finally arrived.

Sick of all these people waiting/sick of all these lines/Tired of all these tents pitched early/sick of being off time./Now the VIP is open, begging for some fans around it/Already dying of excitement, so there’s no use cryin’ about it, cryin’ about it./I’m headed straight for Halsey.*

After many freak outs due to the fact that people started lining up as early as 2 pm the day prior, I was finally able to calm myself down. Our plan was to show up at 7 am to get in line and meet up with friends we met at prior concerts. Our VIP gave us early access to the venue so no matter how early general admission lined up, we still had the advantage, so that helped *some of my stress* disappear. Once we got there, there were about forty people in line in front of us. Not ideal but we could work with it. But after about an hour, all the VIPs decided to split and form a new line on the other side of the building where we were about tenth *and* reunited with old concert friends which definitely helped pass the time quicker.

I was as bored as an oak tree/But now I think I’m obsessed/You put some friends next to me/And I’ve been hyped since we left/We’ve got a few hours and they’re going so slow/And we’ve got our own buildup in our minds that roam/I’m hoping we could get upgraded but the chances are low/ We’ve got a fire inside but our hearts are cold.*

As we entered the hottest and most grueling hours of the day, our lack of sleep hit us and we all got really anxious. Luckily everyone in the VIP line around us was so sweet and we were able to make lots of friends to keep us company. We all had a common love for music and spending was too much money on experiences so bonding cam naturally. As every hour approached we got closer and closer to entering the venue and beginning the best night of our lives.

We’ll be looking for tee shirts/or the lanyards/till out wide eyes burn bright./We’ll be carrying the new stuff/that we earned through/our VIP rewards./For now lets celebrate/On a Roman Holiday.*

This was my first concert experience as VIP, so when we were getting in line to receive our exclusive merch and early entry, I was about to pee myself. All I really needed was the lanyard because I’m telling ya, nothing gets better than that. (I have also been rocking my “Love from Pittsburgh Badlands” shirt for the past three days and no, I don’t have a problem, thank you very much.)

My hands wrapped around my ticket/ swerving through the long line/ I can never keep my eyes/ off this./My legs, the feeling of excitement/ illuminated in the bar/bouncing off the walls & floors/ I missed.*

After entering the venue, we sat in the inside portion of the stage for what felt like forever. As the meet & greets were going on upstairs, we got to enjoy the AC while continuously be destroyed by the constant sight of the stage being so close but so far. Yet it gave us more bonding and Jon Bellion so how could I argue, at least we weren’t in the GA line anymore.

I’m bigger than my body/I’m faster than lilac/I’m meaner than my demons/I’m bigger than these bones./And all the guards cried out/”Please stop, no running here!”/I can’t help this awful energy/Goddamn right, I just got barricade/ Who is in Control?*
After months of waiting, our dream finally came true, and we were FRONT. ROW. for the QUEEN!!! We were never prepared to get this close and I think we were in shock the entire night. We were prepared to be pancakes because there is no one else we’d rather be squashed against a gate for three hours for than Ashley Frangipane.

You say that you’re no good for us/ Our questions tuggin’ at your brain/and I swear I hate it when you joke/I like it anyway.*

Within minutes of entering the venue, Halsey was on stage in front of us, ready to answer our well thought out questions. Or so we thought. “I’m not gonna lie Pittsburgh, but all your questions sucked and I really struggled to pick five to answer.”It’s okay, we forgive you, how could we not? We spent $300 towards you already today. As she went through each of the questions I hung onto every word of her answer, occasionally screaming things when she paused. (i.e. me: “YOU LOOK SO GOOD” her: “Aww thank you! So do all of you guys!” me=dead). She was an amazing speaker and even tho my question wasn’t chosen, I was able to talk to her after a confusion in names (there was more than one Lena there and I made the dumb choice to say “aww nuts” after being confirmed the wrong one. It happens. I’ll be embarrassed for the rest of my life. It’s fine.)

Q&A wrapped up and the GA joined us in the pit and we died a little but its totally okay. We danced a little. It rained a little. We talked to Brian our favorite security guard a little. It was a party. And then the goddess emerged once again.

I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight./I didn’t mean to fall in love tonight./You’re looking like you fell in love tonight./Could we pretend that we’re in love?

Not even going to change the lyrics on that one because they fit so perfectly. I knew I was going to love this concert, but never in a million years did I think it was going to hit me this hard.

I’m a wanderess/I’m a one night stand/Don’t belong to no city/Don’t belong to no man/I’m the violence in the pouring rain/I’m a hurricane

Also couldn’t bring myself to changing these lyrics either. No I’m not just lazy (okay maybe a little bit). But these lyrics are so perfectly crafted I’d feel like I was vandalizing a work of art if I were to change them. Basically at this point in my day I had already died at least 17 times and Halsey had changed my life. Her stage presence, her lyrics, her speeches she gave. Everything was more than I could have imagined.

I found God/I found her in a singer/When her hair changes everyday/And her tattoos so cool they shake./Now we’re lost somewhere in an outdoor stage/In in GA pit where demons play/They run around beneath our feet/Lyrics roll around just like a treat.*

I am one hundred percent dead. I never knew an artist’s message could hep me so much. Halsey not only performed the heck out of herself, she touched my heart which is something nearly impossible to do since I don’t have emotions. I’m not only proud to be a fan, but I’m lucky to have such an inspirational woman sharing what she loves for kids all over to listen to.

We are the New Americana/High on legal marijuana/raised on Biggie and Nirvana/We are the new Americana.

The first time I heard this song was last summer when I saw Halsey open for Imagine Dragons. It proves that our generation is ready to take the world by storm, just as Halsey has been doing the past couple years of her career. She has not been off my mind for the past 72 hours and I’m perfectly okay with that. The Post-Concert Depression is real and It will definitely never go away. I’m perfectly okay with it.

And I’ve been sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool/For a while now, drowning my thoughts out.

The Halsey concert was one that made me think. Each of her songs has so much meaning and emotion behind it, and being able to see her pour her heart out on stage was life changing. After hearing these songs live, I was able to pick up on things I hadn’t previously noticed, and I’m able to connect with them due to similar experiences. As if the PCD wasn’t bad enough, now I have ~connections~ to the songs. Great. But I’m just so so so amazed by this whole experience and how much Halsey and her fans have taught me. Yeah it was just another concert I went to, but I came out of it a different person.

You were red and you liked me because I was blue/You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky/And you decided purple just wasn’t for you

I have no words. Thank you Halsey. Thank you.


*Lyrics that I have changed from the original to lay out how my day went. The italics signify the actual lyric while the non-formatted word signifies the change I made.



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