The Five Stages of Grief Everyone Experiences After A Bad Haircut


As told by Coconut Head because him and I are twins now.

I decided to be spontaneous for once in my life and it backfired (why am I not surprised.) I woke up this morning with no plan in sight and somehow I ended up at the hair salon with two thirds of my hair missing and 90% of my joy gone. After going in for a trim, I decided to try something new for college and here we are, sitting at home, with utter confusion as to why I let this happen to myself.

1) Denial


Okay so maybe it was all just a bad dream? Maybe it just LOOKED like the scissors were tearing apart my hopes and dreams. Maybe it’s actually a really good haircut and I just don’t have the power to see it. My mirror is clearly broken.

2) Anger


My hairdresser clearly was trying to win a bet. Worst haircut of the day? Well congrats!!! You have succeeded! Might as well just shave my entire head now because it really can’t get worse than this!

3) Bargaining


Maybe I can sell my soul for extensions. Would that make me look tacky as hell? Probably. Maybe it will look better curled? There has got to be something I can do to make this right again.

4) Depression


There’s nothing I can do to fix this mess on my head. It’s all over. Everything is ruined and I never even got to say goodbye. Goodbye cruel world! It was nice knowing ya!

5) Acceptance


Well parting it to the left doesn’t look awful. And when I straighten it I get an ~edgy~ vibe that I adore. Maybe a half up half down will do the trick? Honestly, short hair is super trendy right now and I’m starting to fall in love with it.

Moral of the story: I will never do anything without planning it out for months first again. RIP hair that was truly the perfect length. Cya never!!


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