Positive Hardcore Thursday #2


You are the best you. Cheesy. Cliché. Overused. A phrase that probably hangs on motivational posters in thousandsof elementary  schools across the country. But does it look like i’m letting that stop me from saying what I have to say? No.

Comparisons are the most dangerous thing we have in our society today. Everyday millions of people’s self esteem is dropping because they are constantly comparing themselves to others. I do it all the time too. I look around and realize that “Oh I love my outfit but she looks so much prettier than me.” Or “Oh I’m finally happy with my Instagram layout but it will never look as good as his.” Or my most recent and the inspiration behind this post, “Oh I’m so proud of how my writing is going but their blog is miles above mine.” This isn’t a new concept, and it’s not one that’s easily avoidable. 

I’m just going to be blunt and say that you are better than some people at certain things and there are people who are better than you. It’s called reality and it’s a cycle that we don’t need to stop. But we need to stop focussing on the people around us and instead put that effort into being the best we can be.

Everyone here is flawed, but because of that, everyone is perfect. Instead of bringing yourself down at the sight of other people’s successes, compliment them and praise them for what they have accomplished, and other’s will do the same for you

The world is full of enough hate. Start loving yourself and loving each other, it’s the least we can do to stay happy together.


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