Cleaning Up the Internet One Girl at a Time


Another month has come and gone and as we say goodbye to July, I’d like to take the time to clean out some digital clutter and start fresh for the new month. 2016 is over halfway over (thank god), and as we approach August and September, we enter the 4-5 months of endless chaos. There’s no slowing down from here, so take a moment, sit back, and relax.

As you may have noticed, we got a little renovation here at Chasing Myself. I’m still working out the bugs on the mobile version so please be patient and soon enough it will be just as pretty as our permanent home here on the desktop version. With this new design, comes a more organized plan of success. I will be more focused on writing, along with capturing the perfect photos to match with each blog post.

Along with the new look, I have been doing more social media late summer cleaning. With college just a few weeks away, I wanted to go through all my social media accounts and just clean up my friends list,, who I’m following, and who follows me. I try to do this at least once a year, and there’s no better time than now. With all the new people I’ll be meeting in the next couple of months, I don’t have room to keep following that one kid I talked to once in freshman year English class. Nothing against anyone personally, I just don’t need 500 friends’s posts filling up my FB timeline every day.

I highly recommend everyone try this every once and a while. It’s great to stay organized in all forms of life, not just in the outside world. Spring cleaning, summer cleaning, fall cleaning, whatever you want to call it. It’s super helpful and makes things so much easier, especially for the upcoming school year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go through my 10,000 songs I have on Spotify. Wish me luck. See you in a couple weeks, if I’m lucky…


Lil Life Update


Just a quick little update on my goals/dreams/aspirations. The usual.

Since I’ve started this blog less than a month ago, there has been a huge increase in my personal happiness. Not only have I grown to be more positive, but I’ve experienced a greater interest in setting goals. I’ve always been a planner so goals are something I’m used to setting and achieving for myself, but now that I’m weeks away from entering college, it has become that much more important to me to get my crap together and do something amazing with my life.


I want to have fun, be organized, and focus on my future, but I also want to use my strengths and interests to get involved in something important to me. And I think everyone should do the same. I have found a few organizations on UCF’s campus that have sparked an interest and I’m excited to try some new things.

The biggie is HerCampus, a blog written by college girls for college girls. It’s a website that I admire and it has really helped me to prepare for this long journey ahead and it would mean the world to me if I too could help direct others.


So in the next few weeks as I prepare my application for submission, I’m gonna hope/pray for creativity to flow through my fingertips so I can *attempt* to wow the people reading them.

Stay tuned as I continue this journey and read below a sample of one of the pieces I plan to submit in accordance to the prompt: “If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?” Any notes are appreciated!


HerCampus Sample: If I could have dinner with any celebrity I’d start off by asking myself how I got lucky enough to dine with one of Hollywood’s finest. And then I’d ask the unknown power in the sky responsible for making this happen, why on earth a celebrity would want to have dinner with me, a teenage fangirl who will be too excited to choke out anything more than my water. But after I get over the factthat I am unreasonably lucky enough to choose and dine with one of my role models, I would naturally choose Paul *freaking* Rudd. (Note to reader: I will never refer to him as Paul, Rudd, or Paul Rudd. The only acceptable thing to call this magnificent angel is Paul *freaking* Rudd. Emphasis on the *freaking*.)


Why on earth would I choose Paul freaking Rudd? Well let start out by referencing his loaded IMDb profile. In my eyes (aka the only eyes that really matter in an opinion piece), he is the most well rounded, versatile, and lovable actor of our generation. He has stared in nineties classics from Friends to Clueless and continues to amaze us in current day indie hits such as “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” and “Wanderlust.” He is charming, he is funny, and he has only aged about six months in the past twenty years. Paul freaking Rudd is a gorgeous man with a gorgeous soul. Wait who am I kidding? With his background, his soul is most definitely tainted. But that’s okay. It makes for more interesting stories. Stories of which I’d ask him while we dined on our fine cuisine. But I’m not here to waste his time. I’m here to get the nitty gritty truth about Paul freaking Rudd.


Such as but not limited to: What is his favorite piece of Ikea furniture? If he could travel back in time would he rather travel by DeLorean or a Hot Tub Time Machine? Team Edward or Team Jacob? If he had to choose one flavor of Hot Pockets to eat for the rest of his life, which would he choose? If he could choose any other insect to  portray in a Marvel film, what would it be and why? And how does he feel about the fact that Rose definitely had enough room for Jack on her raft but instead let the “love of her life” freeze to death while she didn’t even offer him her life jacket. “I’ll never let go Jack.” *lets go*. Shaking. My. Head.Not only would I benefit from Paul freaking Rudd’s presence, but America would benefit from the answers that we’ve been dying to hear. Paul Rudd, I love you and I hope you love Italian because we are eating good tonight.

You Don’t Even Know…


…how lucky I am.

I had to wait a full seven days to post this because even a week later, and I still haven’t properly processed this indescribable night.

I woke up last Thursday morning expecting to go to a chill lowkey concert with my best friend and I fell asleep Thursday night with my heart rushing after having the best experience of my life.

I am a strong believer in putting money towards experiences rather than objects, so anytime a band that I enjoy listening to comes to Pittsburgh, I am more than happy to splurge on concert tickets.

Let me start out by explaining how underrated Fitz & the Tantrums are. They are one of the most unique, uplifting, and positive bands of our generation and everyone needs to take a second and listen to more than what is just on the radio. I’ve been listening to them for about three or four years and after missing out on their concert when they came two years ago, I knew I needed to go to this one.

My initial thought was that this would be a good concert to just chill in the lawn and not worry about the stress of the GA pit. Yet the more I thought about it, the more I realized how easy it would be to get good spots for this concert.

Like I said before, they don’t have a huge following and we were able to use that to our advantage for an unforgettable night. So we decided to take our chances and get in line at noon the day of the concert. We weren’t sure what to expect, but when we got there and claimed our spots as second in line, a huge wave of relief washed over us. The only two people in front of us had been waiting since ten in the morning and were some of the sweetest kids we met. We instantly became friends and bonded over good music and it made the six hour wait so much more bareable.

Later on two more of their friends joined us and it was another instant connection. After sharing stories, food, and social media platforms, the excitement of sharing the front row with them grew.

A particular story I told happened to be the backstory of my personal good luck charm and that day it struck again.

After five hours of listening to F&tT soundcheck, a tour manager came out to the evergrowing line and asked who was first in line. We jumped up with enthusiam befor realizing that we were actually second (#awkward) but socializing clearly has its benefits because our new friends said the six of us were together (!!!). The tour manager then proceded to hand out meet and greet wristbands to all of us and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen six seventeen year olds happier in their entire lives.

Not only did we get to meet some of the most chill band members ever, but we also got to wait in the A/C for a half and hour on a 90° day so im not quite sure what we were happier about to be quite honest.

Meeting them was so much fun. I’ve personally never met anyone famous so this was definitely a huge deal for me but it was strange to think that they are just people like you and me. Michael and Noelle, the two lead singers were so funny and we were just able to goof around with them before heading back out to wait in the dreaded heat.

Luckily after the meet & greet we were able to float on our personal cloud 9’s back to our spots at the front of the line. Gates opened and we were the first ones in. We totally didn’t run to our spots in the front row because running in Stage AE is illegal but we walked with haste and the six of us scattered amongst the barricade securing front and center spots perfect for dancing the night away.

The venue filled up. Baby Fitz ran on to the stage. We made friends with the security guard. Drank some hose flavored water. Witnessed Zella Day (the opening act) flail around on stage. Got caught in the rain.

Lol. The rain. No big deal at all. Except for the fact that it freaking poured for twenty minutes straight in between acts and it was probably the greatest thing ever. We were mixed with both the fear of the show getting cancelled and the fear that our cell phones were destroyed. Yet once that fear washed over us, we let loose and began dancing and didn’t stop until the sun came up the next morning.

After a half an hour delay (thanks rain), F&tT finally came on and BLEW OUR TIRED LITTLE MINDS. Let me tell you, this band knows how to get the crowd to party. Not a soul in the venue remained still. Everyone was dancing and clapping and singing and having the time of their lives.

The lights were hypontizing, the music was booming, and the energy was out of this world. Both Micheal and Noelle are amazing performers and as an audience member I could truley feel their passion for being on stage and entertaining. I can’t say it enough but it was seriously the most fun I’ve ever had at a concert and I’m still in shock that last Thursday even happened.

Like I said earlier, Fitz doesn’t have a huge following, which sucks because they deserve it. But in that moment, everyone became a fan and let loose.

It was one of the greatest concert experiences of my short little 18 year long life, and I’m not sure how anything will top that. I’ve been to a ton of concerts and I’ll go to a ton more. Each one has been special in their own way and I will never forget how amazing it was to just forget everything and dance.

Fitz, I love you, and I can’t wait to see you again in November. (That’s right! Going to school in Orlando has it’s perks and by perks I mean seeing a great band at a new great venue with some new great friends!!)

Thanks for rolling up into my heart Fitz. You don’t even know how much you jut changed my life. You shine like diamonds in my eyes and you are more than just a dream to me <3.


18 Things I Did On My 18th Birthday


As told by Disney because what screams “#Adult” like a collection of my favorite childhood characters.

1. Ate cake for breakfast

2. Caught Pokémon

3. Danced in a car (part 1)

4. Tried a new type of sushi

5. Received the perfect dorm room pillow

6. Drank my *favorite* Oreo milkshake with a shot of espresso. Try it. Your life will be changed.

7. Danced in a car (part 2)

8. Got a new shirt

9. Danced in public

10. Got my lucky charm permanently added to my body (thanks paul!)

11. Danced in the tattoo parlor

12. Took some pictures

13. Danced in the grocery store

14. Hiked through Oakland

15. Sat on a hill for 5 hours

16. Watched Inside Out outside

17. Laughed/Cried

18. Danced my way back home


It was a birthday I’ll never forget. (I couldn’t even if I wanted to, there’s a permanent reminder on the back of my left shoulder 😉 ) Now that I’m an adult and have to do scary grownup things, it was great to have a fun care-free day with my friends before things got too serious.

Thank to everyone for the love and warm wishes on my 18th! Now I’m off to the animal shelter to adopt ALL the puppies because no one can stop me!


Positive Hardcore Thursday #2


You are the best you. Cheesy. Cliché. Overused. A phrase that probably hangs on motivational posters in thousandsof elementary  schools across the country. But does it look like i’m letting that stop me from saying what I have to say? No.

Comparisons are the most dangerous thing we have in our society today. Everyday millions of people’s self esteem is dropping because they are constantly comparing themselves to others. I do it all the time too. I look around and realize that “Oh I love my outfit but she looks so much prettier than me.” Or “Oh I’m finally happy with my Instagram layout but it will never look as good as his.” Or my most recent and the inspiration behind this post, “Oh I’m so proud of how my writing is going but their blog is miles above mine.” This isn’t a new concept, and it’s not one that’s easily avoidable. 

I’m just going to be blunt and say that you are better than some people at certain things and there are people who are better than you. It’s called reality and it’s a cycle that we don’t need to stop. But we need to stop focussing on the people around us and instead put that effort into being the best we can be.

Everyone here is flawed, but because of that, everyone is perfect. Instead of bringing yourself down at the sight of other people’s successes, compliment them and praise them for what they have accomplished, and other’s will do the same for you

The world is full of enough hate. Start loving yourself and loving each other, it’s the least we can do to stay happy together.




Let’s talk about the moment I entered Heaven. It was unexpected at first, but Brendon Urie’s high notes carried me there and I have no intention of setting foot back on earth when all things good and holy are here for me.

Sunday provided me with a religious experience like no other, where for a couple hours music was my religion and nothing else in the world mattered.

Now lets not disregard this as just another concert story because LET ME TELL YOU, this was not just another concert. This was a gift from God himself.

Let me start out by saying that I must be the luckiest child on earth because the series of event that lead me to this night were something I never imagined to occur outside of my dreams.

Let’s set the scene. It was a cold February afternoon and Panic! at the Disco tickets just went on sale. As I prepared to purchase them after school that day, I got the notification no one wants to see: “SOLD OUT!” I was devastated, but determined, and spent every week since then checking on Craigslist, Facebook, and any platform I could think of. I was willing to pay anything because seeing Brendon *freaking* Urie live in the flesh would be priceless.

Panic! Attack Count: 1

Flash forward a week before the concert. It was crunch time. With no luck so far, I began to make plans to just sit outside the venue and listen, because even that would satisfy my need to have Panic! dancing through my blood stream.

Panic! Attack Count: 3

Then a miracle occurred. A mere stranger, or perhaps my guardian angel, appeared in the form of a Facebook message bearing the gift of two tickets being sold for face value. That right there was the quickest purchase i’ve ever made with someone I’ve never met nor built up trust with before in my life. But the risk was worth it.

Panic! Attack Count: 10

Now here we are on Sunday, the holy day. Many Panic! attacks have already taken place on the way there and we have begun taking a running total. Over three hours before gates open and we were stuck in line four blocks from the venue. Hundreds of equally die hard fans were in front of us, but it didn’t matter at that point. We were going to be in the same. general. area. as royalty.

Panic! Attack Count: 15

Just as we were getting settled, another angel appeared. This time calling me from her spot in the front of the line. She asked if we could wait with her stuff while they got food and HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS GOOD IN THIS WORLD it lead me to being just a few steps from this holy land.

Panic! Attack Count: 30

After meeting some new friends and seeing some old, it was finally time to enter the temple otherwise known as Stage AE. Bag check went quick (no gender segregated lines this time, praise the lord) and we were in. We freaking BOOKED IT across the venue and as we passed the huge crowd of people at least five rows deep in the middle, we saw the golden light. The empty area just left of the center with only a handful of VIPs who paid hella money to get in early. And then there we were, mere commoners running into their spots in the SECOND. ROW. 

Panic! Attack Count: 150

This wasn’t real life. This couldn’t be happening. But it was and it did and as more and more people filled in behind us, it finally became real that only one row of people separated us from the greatest gift God has ever given us.

And now after experiencing the greatest adventure of out lives we also get to be blessed with the sound of music for the next five hours? Yes PLEASE.

With three opening bands, every second that I didn’t see Brendon Urie was a second I got more anxious. The first opener, Dorothy, brought the heat and gave the crowd a lot of energy as we waited for a band we actually knew. SWMMRS was a bit much for me. I’m just gonna leave it at that. Then we had YET ANOTHER GIFT FROM GOD. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

I’ve been listening to Andrew for a while ever since we was in Jack’s Mannequin and seeing him live was just an amazing crowd pleaser. Proud to be such a big fan. His story is beautiful and he is beautiful and his positivity is overwhelming. If I wasn’t already peeing my pants with anticipation for Panic!, he would have brought my hype level up so high. Super sad his set was so short but PANIC!!!

Panic! Attack Count: 175

And then it happened. He arrived in his natural and glowing state and serenaded us so hard that girls began flinging their clothes at him. Brendon Urie was a real person and he was only 20 feet away from me.

Panic! Attack Count: 300

I can’t even begin to explain every perfect moment because it was an hour and a half long set and i’m pretty sure I have a word count limit here. But just know that every high note, every backflip, and every article of clothing he took off lead me closer and closer to Heaven and I will never have an experience as ethereal as this again.

I’d like to thank not only God, but Jesus for making this happen and my guardian angels that helped along they away. I stood up. I sang Hallelujah. And I danced until my phone ran out of storage.

(Panic! Attack Count: 400)

This concert opened my eyes to what perfection actually means and Brendon Urie, damn, you are nothing but perfect. But now that I love you, I must let you go.

Panic! Attack Count: 1,000

Until next time,


The Pros and Cons of Working Three Jobs

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Three jobs. I know. I’m crazy. But it actually isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. I work at Rita’s Italian Ice, Coffee Tree Roasters, and PNC Park and somehow I’m surviving the summer.

Summer jobs are always something teenagers roll their eyes at, but I don’t think they deserve the negetive conotation they recieve. I don’t know about you, but I see nothing wrong with standing around talking to customers and co-workers for a couple hours each night and walking out with a paycheck (and tips.)

I enjoy all of my jobs so getting paid to have fun is a no brainer for me. But its not all unicorns and rainbows. Between the three jobs, I don’t get many nights off to relax or hang out with my friends. The tasks we have to do are tedious, and sometimes you just have those days where you spill an entire 10 pound box of sprinkles and want to walk out the door and never come back. It definitely gets frustrating to handle everything that gets thrown at me, but luckily the good outweighs the bad.

Our Rita’s corporation owns all the in-park Rita’s in Pittsburgh, so getting free admission to sporting events, concerts, and theme parks is as easy as throwing on my employee t-shirt and letting a manager know I’m coming. Definitely a huge perk that I’m gonna really miss when I move away.

Coffee Tree Roasters customber base is made up of almost three-quarters of people whoare there everyday. We are able to build up strong relationships with our regulars so that they keep coming back for more. It’s really beneficial to make these connections with customers, especially with my major relying heavily on networking. Although the coffee snobs do come after us every once and a while, it’s ok because I get to spend six hours in a place that smells like heaven.

PNC Park is probably my favorite of the three jobs and it gets me really excited for what’s to come in my future. As a future Hospitality Major, working in huge venues as event coordinators, guest relations, or management positions really interests me. Although I just serve ice cream at PNC Park, the environment is thrilling and there’s never a boring moment. With so much going on around me, I feel like I get to be part of the experience and it just makes me so happy. I have a priceless view of the city, and an even better view while people-watching all the unique individuals that attend a Pirates game each night. I also get the opportunity to do a lot of really cool things (such as participate and CRUSH the nightly corn hole competition).
I’m really greatful for all the experiences and lessons I’m learning through these hectic jobs, (and the paychecks are pretty nice too 😉 ). They might seem like easy jobs to you, but every day is a new learning experience, and I’m just getting started!