An Open Letter to Lebo Band…

Dear Lebo Band,

You’re pretty cool. I never realized how much my life has changed for the better because I joined this organization, but now that it’s over I really appreciate it. They have provided me with so many memorable experiences that I never would have gotten elsewhere.

Freshman year, we traveled to Memphis and played in the Liberty Bowl with the Temptations and at least seven other marching bands. See the tiny little purple specks in the back? Those are our color guard member’s flags. See the slightly larger gold specks in the middle? Those are the successful Motown vocal group that we were in the presence of.

Sophomore year, we were able to parade in Walt Disney World, as many bands get to do. Yet our director lost sleep trying to make this happen for us after a blizzard left us stranded in Pittsburgh. Although this isn’t a unique experience, I will never forget marching down Main Street USA with 150 of my closest friends and how much work went into making this dream a reality.

Junior year, I was able to meet kids from all over the area who love the same thing I do at a three night leadership overnight camp; some of which I am still in touch with today. Our whole band was invited to our nation’s capital to play on Veterans Day for those who fought for our country, and our musician’s were invited to perform in Carnegie *freaking* Hall in NYC. Super jealous but super proud.

Senior year was the beginning of ends. So many memories. So many tears. BUT we were able to see THE OCEAN as we competed in a parade. How cool is that? And we got to explore Myrtle Beach, SC. We were also invited to play in the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Parade alongside our city’s champions, which was a huge honor. And let’s be real, performing in front of half a million people felt pretty freaking incredible.

Along with these unique events, Lebo Band has taught me how to be an overall good person. The life lesson’s taught by our coaches and directors will be one’s that will never be forgotten, and the friendships made will last a lifetime. Never in a million years did I think marching band would give me these once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but I will always treasure these memories.

Thanks Lebo Band for being a pretty cool way to spend the last four years. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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