Art & Food & Music…Oh My!

I’m in a love hate relationship with the city of Pittsburgh. It mostly consists of me hating the weather, but loving everything else. Although we don’t have nationwide known festivals such as Coachella or Lollapalooza here, we do have a lot of smaller in scale, large-in-our-hearts type of festivals. We are super fortunate to be emerged in so many different cultures in this golden triangle, and have so many different events to cater to everyone. But today i’m going to be talking about the more popular of the festivals.

If you’ve been in Pittsburgh in the spring and haven’t heard of the Three Rivers Arts and music festival, I’m totally calling you out for living under a rock!

As the motto says, it’s ten days of free music and art, and I don’t know about you, but it can’t get much better than that.

I try my hardest to attend every year, and although somethings remain the same, there is always a new surprise. This year I had the oppertunity to go on a weekday instead of the extremely busy weekends and it was a pleasant surprise. Although not all the booths were open, it was definitely worth it just to avoid the long lines for food!

That brings me to the most important part. Festival food is probably the best genre of food, and if you disagree, you need to reevaluate your life. Half of Point State Park is lined with food tents from every ethnicity in sight. And then there is the best part…the desserts! No trip to the arts festival is complete without an order of deep fried Oreo’s covered in powder sugar!

But of course we came for the art and music as well! My friend Danielle and I managed to sneak into the kids corner and make some crafts of our own out of various recycled materials and although we aren’t quite sure what we made, we are proud of it nonetheless.

Since it was a weekday, we weren’t fortunate enough to see any live musicians, but we were able to catch a very intense dance battle happening near the point.

The weather was perfect, the art was beautiful, and the food was out of this world. I’m so glad to live in a city that offers exciting events, I only wish they lasted all summer long! Although I was only able to make it down once, Danielle practically lived there the past ten days and I am totally jealous. 2017 Arts Festival, I’m coming for you!


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